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Create an account here at Freeresell then, you can easily point your site to a custom domain name of your choice.
[ Configure Your Website ]
Select template, modify email and sms messages, modify website graphics, set up SMS prices, set up support, SEO and others.
[ Advertise Your Site ]
Registered users who buy SMS regularly can help you quit your job. This can be achieved with initial Marketing to attract more users.
[ Make Profit & Withdraw ]
As users register on your site and buy SMS units, you make profit from the difference set, you can easily withdraw via Cryptocurrencies.
We have added the points below into a video illustration
  • Quick summary about Freeresell
  • How Freeresell works
  • Freeresell's interesting features
  • Site configuration & Account setup
  • Payment options & Withdrawals
  • SMS Coverage
To begin, create an account and, confirm your email.
Set up domain, set prices, adjust designs. Just get it ready!
Tell the whole world you have an sms site! Advertise it!
Yeah! You withdraw after making profits. Keep withdrawing!
How We Made It Simple & Easy

In the quest of making Reselling more attractive and profitable, we broke the world record on how SMS reselling is done on the web. Some experts still ask us how we really made this possible. Over the years, reselling actually means you will get your store ready and also buy some goods while you only receive little discount as a reseller, but FreeResell is changing the whole story for obvious reasons.

With FreeResell you don't have to buy SMS units before selling, you also don't need to worry about support or site maintenance, we handle all these. It's as simple as setting up prices, you actually set price from a default price list for all destinations then, the difference is your profit each time a customer on your site sends an sms.

You can start making profit right from the first day of registration. There is no long registration form or long approval requirement, we have made it easy for everyone. You can do this as a side business, it doesn't require heavy time investment. Just advertise your website and, watch your business grow daily with a regular income.

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Make More Money!
There are proven ways by which FreeResell will enable you earn more, just by using our reselling solution. Below is how you will earn more with our reselling solution
[ Making More Money ]
Best Online Solution Ever!

The cost of setting up a profitable online business varies. According to studies, few things are crucial towards the success of online businesses; Development, Marketing, Maintenance, Salaries or Wages, Support, Stocking and many more.

With FreeResell, most of the items on this cruial list is already eliminated. You can set up your site, advertise and, go to sleep. You really do not need to be there cos, we maintain and also handle support, you only tell us when to pay you. This is a really great opportunity for you to earn and also earn more when little effort is added.

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Transparent Monitoring
Your Admin reseller dashboard shows all activities users are carring out on your website, from account registration, to account funding, to sms sendng.
Profit Continuity
If you have 1,000 registered users for example & they continue to by SMS from your website, it means you will continue to earn more without any more effort needed
Low Running Cost
Except from your domain name yearly payment and advertisment or SEO cost, there is absolutely nothing to invest on to make profit.

Fund your account with Bitcoin. After registration, a unique address is generated, just send funds there anytime and, it is automatically credited to your account after 3 confirmations.


You can also fund your account with CreditCard and other unique payment methods, depending on your customers' Country. Different Countries with different Fiat mode of payment.


We shall be launching a new Cryptocurrency for easy funding across all platforms. Token will be tradeable and transferable on the platform and can be used on all Freeresell Solutions.

Users Activities
As a Reseller, you can easily view all users activities like; sms history, funding activities, and many more .
Set Prices
We have already set the default prices, you can adjust these prices easily from your dashboard, to make profit from your customers sending.
Modify Template
From your dashboard, you can set up your site with a simple add and modify button, this process is as simple as ABC.
Set SMS & Email Conf
You can also set what you want users to see after registration and other account activities, properly labeled!
Send SMS
Yes, as a reseller, you can also perform all user activities like, sending Bulk SMS from your dashboard.
Configure Meta Tags
You are in control of what your meta tags should be, what text you want to appear and, description settings.
View Traffic & Source
Track how many persons have visited your site daily. Also, you can paste some traffic tracking code to head tags from your dashboard.
Withdraw Funds
Withdrawing funds is quite simple, we have both Fiat and Cryptocurrencies as options for withdrawals.

The Journey Begins With A Registration.

Registration is free, after registering, you have the option of pointing your domain name to your newly created website. Domain name pointing directions will be sent after registration.