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Freeresell is a platform that provides Bulk sms services, and, also create solutions for resellers to be able to resell SMS easily. Freeresell is pretty easy to understand and use. There are key points towards understanding how Freeresell works, they are outlined below.

1) Registration: The first thing to begin with is account registration. When this is done, email confirmation is a must before you can login. This is to improve email deliveries for every account holder. Registration is forever free and, this can be done in less than one minute. As a reseller, we log in your IP and browser each time you login, this is to track all reseller’s activities and also improve security.

2) Domain Pointing: Your reseller site was automatically created after registration but, you would need a domain name to point your site correctly. You can register your domain name anywhere you wish and follow the pointing instructions sent to your mail after registering. When paying for a domain name, you don’t need a hosting, you are actually pointing your domain name to our hosting so, you won’t need any extra hosting. After pointing your domain name, any changes made from your account at Freeresell, automatically takes effect on your site. Anyone visiting your site will pay on your site and also send sms from your site fully white labelled.

3) Account Setup: When your site is up, the next thing to do is to set up your account. Well, there are pretty few things to do here, some of them are; price setting, email and sms configuration, site usage setup e.t.c. Setting up your price is quite necessary as this will enable you make profit. Example, if the default price for Brazil is $0.027, you should modify this higher to be your price like- $0.079. So, anyone from your site who sends sms to someone in Brazil, will make you a profit of $0.052 per each sms. So you have the option of setting the price for every region which exist on the Freeresell coverage area. Email and sms set up enables you set which sms or email a user will receive when a particular action has been taken on your reseller site.

4) Site Setup: Setting up your site requires you changing and adding your logo, text and, information on your new site. Here, you make the site look the way you want it, with our simple site builder. There is no coding experience needed, just a simple form to add text and change banners. Its so simple that it can even be done from your mobile phone!

5) Overall Test: Yes, before you move to the next stage, make sure all settings have been correctly effected and all prices set. Doing an overall check and test is a proper way of verifying if all these settings work correctly for your site.

6) Promotions: At this stage, you are ready to tell the world about your website. There are different means with which you can advertise your website. When you advertise your website, you stand a higher chance of making more profits as more people will register on your site to send Bulk sms. The advantage of promotion is that you would increase your stable income. According to past records, just 5 loyal customers who connect or send SMS in bulk weekly, could earn you as much as $1,500 in profits alone weekly.

7) Withdrawal: As soon as you have a balance, you can withdraw anytime any day via the available withdrawal methods. You can set a constant withdrawal option or, manually withdraw when its necessary.

Freeresell is the first ever platform that enables resellers resell for free without paying a dime before reselling.

This has enabled lots of resellers make more money online and, lots of them have already testified towards the simplicity of the Freeresell dashboard usage.

We have put in place some outstanding features, just to make sure you get the best. We have also introduced some key factors that has beaten all other reseller platform, they are listed below;

SUPPORT: You decide if you want to handle support or leave it for us to handle, but, by default, we will handle all support from your website, both email tickets, live chats and phone calls. Our support team will take care of all enquires.

NO HOSTING NEEDED: All you need is a domain name pointed to our hosting, so, you only need to worry about domain name renewal yearly, which can be bought from any registrar.

FREE PRE-BUILT TEMPLATES: We have done the hard work to make sure your website is ready in few minutes, you can select from several templates when setting up your website. You really don’t need any web design knowledge, just a simple text editor to modify text and images.

CRYPTOCURRENCIES: Adding cryptocurrencies towards funding and withdrawal is one of the coolest features you can think of, there is no restriction towards funding or withdrawal. There is no need for BANK CLEARANCE or server delay issues, Cryptocurrency fundings are instant and fast.

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